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Isn’t it great when we hear something so profound that we never forget it? Too often, however, I find that I recall that something was ‘unforgettable’, but I just can’t remember what it was. This ‘Meditations and Musings’ blog helps us revisit recent messages and muse on other helpful insights.

Nourish Bonus Reading (after 8th March)- Christ: God’s representative (intro)

This reading is for the week between 8 March and 22 March to help us meditate on the Glory of Christ. The Glory of Christ by John Owen –  Christ’s…read more >

Nourish Reading for Wed 8th March

The greatest desire that Christ expressed in his prayer (in John 17) was that his people might be with him to behold his glory (John 17:24).

Nourish Reading for Wed 22nd Feb – TNCL CH7

Chapter 7: The Eternal Purpose. We have spoken of the need of revelation, of faith and of consecration, if we are to live the normal Christian life. But unless we…read more >

# 3 Whose Glory?

With Guy Fawkes still echoing in our ears last week, it seemed appropriate that we finished our John 1-12 series (Sunday 13th Nov), with a bit of a bang!

#2 Birthday Blessings

It was good to celebrate our 3rd birthday last Sunday and to celebrate it in our new venue – the M.E.S. School Hall. What a joy! We look forward to celebrating…read more >

Our New Home – 30 Oct 22

Abide has moved, After much prayer and preparation, and by the grace of God, Abide CCA has relocated to our new home in the Manurewa East School hall. We will…read more >

#1 A Change of Season

At Abide CCA, we are getting more and more excited as we finally relocate to our new venue: the Manurewa East School hall. This has been a long time coming- almost three years!