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Isn’t it great when we hear something so profound that we never forget it? Too often, however, I find that I recall that something was ‘unforgettable’, but I just can’t remember what it was. This ‘Meditations and Musings’ blog helps us revisit recent messages and muse on other helpful insights.

Nourish Reading for Wed 15 November- Living by Faith

Greetings friends, in this world of challenges and change it is good to keep our eyes on the essentials of life, to remind ourselves what is fundamental vs what is…read more >

Nourish Reading for 23rd August – Becoming Fruitful In The Land Of Your Affliction

Last time we looked at how challenging it is when our hopes seem to take so much longer than we expected. Today’s study reminds us that God is working in…read more >

Nourish Reading for Aug 9th – When Hope Gets Put On Hold

As Christians, we know we need to have faith in the Lord, to trust in Him and His Word. Sometimes, however, our circumstances- particularly things we have been praying about…read more >

Nourish Reading for June 14th – The Choice That Confronted Adam

Greetings friends, last Sunday Martin mentioned Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden and how we all need to cling to God’s word to keep ourselves from being deceived –…read more >

Nourish reading for May 31st: Spirit led Prayer

As we have been considering the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, I thought it might be helpful to think again about how we pray. The Holy Spirit longs…read more >

Nourish Reading for May 17th: “Much more”: living by grace, living through Christ.

Much more, living by grace, living through Christ. Romans 5:1–11 (ESV) 1 Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ….read more >

Nourish Reading for Wed 3rd May Rom 5:1-5

The proof of the pudding Over the last 2 weeks, we have looked at Faith vs works of the Law, and then how God saves us by grace through faith…read more >

Nourish Bonus Reading (after 29 March) The Glory of Christ in His Person.

Ch3 The Glory of Christ in His Person – John Owen in this selection, Owen invites us to contemplate the glory of Christ’s two natures: Divine and Human. The second…read more >

Nourish Reading for Wed 29th March: Christ’s Glory as God’s representative.

The more we look into it, the more we see that there are so many facets to Jesus – so many aspects to His glory. In chapter 2 John Owen…read more >

Nourish Bonus Reading (after 8th March)- Christ: God’s representative (intro)

This reading is for the week between 8 March and 22 March to help us meditate on the Glory of Christ. The Glory of Christ by John Owen –  Christ’s…read more >