Meditations & Musings

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Isn’t it great when we hear something so profound that we never forget it? Too often, however, I find that I recall that something was ‘unforgettable’, but I just can’t remember what it was. This ‘Meditations and Musings’ blog helps us revisit recent messages and muse on other helpful insights.

Meditations & Musings

# 3 Whose Glory?

With Guy Fawkes still echoing in our ears last week, it seemed appropriate that we finished our John 1-12 series (Sunday 13th Nov), with a bit of a bang!. read more >

#2 Birthday Blessings

It was good to celebrate our 3rd birthday last Sunday and to celebrate it in our new venue – the M.E.S. read more >

#1 A Change of Season

At Abide CCA, we are getting more and more excited as we finally relocate to our new venue: the Manurewa East School hall. read more >